About Rekichka

Rekichka (from Bulgarian, “small river”) was established in 2002 by The Natural Adventure Company’s (a global responsible adventure travel operator) founder, Alex Pazderski. Alex is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, seasoned expedition kayaker and outdoor enthusiast. In 2011 he made an unprecedented solo winter kayak crossing of the Bulgarian section of the Danube (416 km) in only 4 days, raising funds for 4 endangered bird species.

We are a non-profit organisation, focused on the areas of social enterprise and education, promotion of environmentally friendly travel, biodiversity protection, as well as mitigating local conflicts and tensions through economic growth and cross-country cooperation in the field of responsible tourism. We operate primarily in the Balkan countries and have completed a number of initiatives that have positively impacted many local communities. We have no religious or political affiliations and no corporate donors apart from The Natural Adventure Company.

Over the years, we have successfully cooperated on a number of projects with the European Union, the United Nations Development Programme, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, our latest initiative is aimed at supporting vulnerable and underprivileged local communities which depend on international travel. Read more here (opens in a new window).